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Are you bored by sending the simple looking and plain text emails to your contacts regularly? It is the time to add some fun and liveliness to your email to make it special for all your contacts. When it comes to finding the amazing emoticons, background, sounds and animated cards to add to your emails, you just need to use Incredimail as the best option for it. Incredimail is getting popular all over the world because of its cool and innovative features to add some fun to your emails. Now, you will get the powerful features like:

Cool features in Incredimail for the users:

Animated email notifies:

Animated email notifies:

Whenever you will receive an email, you will find it entertaining and interesting because of the feature of animated email notifier. You can make choice from lots of animated themes for the notifications of new emails that you received in your system.

Cool email backgrounds

Cool email backgrounds

Sending or receiving emails with simple background may be boring for most of the users. If you have bored of the white background in your emails, you should try Incredimail to get some of the cool and stylish backgrounds for your email.

1000’s of cool emoticons

1000’s of cool emoticons

At the present time, it is not interesting to send any of the messages without using emoticons. With emoticons, you can express your feelings in a better way to your contacts. Like your smartphone, now you can send thousands of cool and beautiful emoticons to your email contacts by using Incredimail for it.

Lively animations for emails

Lively animations for emails

With emoticons, Incredimail also provides the powerful features to add the interesting and lively animations to the emails. You will find a bunch of animations that you can choose to add to your email to make it more interesting for your contacts.

E-cards for the special occasions

E-cards for the special occasions

To celebrate any of the special occasions like birthday, anniversary, festival or other occasions, you can use the fantastic e-cards with animations in it. Incredimail allows you to choose from lots of E-card themes that you can send to your contacts for the wishes of special occasions and celebrations.

Share the direct photos in emails

Share the direct photos in emails

When it comes to sending the photos to your contacts with email, you will be able to directly attach it from Incredimail tool. It makes the photo sharing much easier and quicker for all the email users.

Email protection centre

Email protection centre

Today, it is quite difficult to keep your emails safe because of so many risks related to Malware, spyware and viruses. However, if you are using Incredimail tool, it provides the email protection solution for all your accounts to check the spams and all the incoming emails.

Good compatibility

Good compatibility

Incredimail is available to provide compatibility with almost every version of your Windows PC. You can directly download it and install it in your system having Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and Windows 10. This tool is made for every PC to offer these cool features.

Email management

Email management

Now, the users will be able to manage all the email accounts at one place. You will that compatibility features to add the email accounts including Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail and much more with this magnificent tool for easy management of all your emails in a cool way.

There are many more features that you will find in Incredimail tool that you can get for your system to send the interesting emails. A large number of users are enjoying all these features in this powerful tool.

Advantages of using Incredimail for your emails

Incredimail is getting popular among the users all over the world because of its innovative and entertaining features to add fun and more colours to your emails. It is available as a good option because of the following advantages and benefits for the users:

  •  With Incredimail, you will find a simple yet innovative system for the management of your emails.
  • A large collection of stationery, animations and other media content can be accessed from your Incredimail.
  • It provides protection from the fraud and spam emails in your accounts with its advanced features.
  • You can configure various emails because of good compatibility support at Incredimail.
  • It provides the bunch of emoticons and animations to make your emails more fun and cool.
  • You can easily manage the incoming and outgoing emails directly from the software.

There are many more advantages that users will find by using Incredimail for sending and receiving emails in a cool way. To get rid of all the problems and errors, it also comes with IncrediMail Technical support number where we provide help to all the users to fix every single error and problem in it.

If you are also using it in your system, you never want to face any kind of problem or inconvenience in it. However, it is normal for the users to face some of the common errors like any other software. In such cases, you will require help with our IncrediMail support number. We are here to provide technical support services for all Incredimail users when you face any kind of error in it.

Facing errors or problems in Incredimail tool?

Although Incredimail provides a bunch of interesting features for the email users yet there may be some of the errors and problems while trying to send or receive emails from this tool. Like any other software, it may also cause errors due to various causes and it can be always annoying to face such kinds of problems and issues while trying to send or receive an email with this tool. In such cases, you do not have to worry because we are available to offer technical help on our IncrediMail support phone number to every user to fix all these errors.

Some of the common errors in Incredimail

The users have lots of complaints about various kinds of common errors while using Incredimail tool for email management in the system. In all such cases of errors, you will require help with our IncrediMail Technical support number. If you want to know about some of the common errors and problems in Incredimail, you can check it below:

  • Facing problems while trying to send or receive emails
  • Error messages while trying to backup contacts or messages
  • Unable to support specific format or contents in emails
  • Getting too many spam messages
  • Setup and installation errors
  • Unable to login to the account
  • Mistakes during message setup
  • Failed to upgrade
  • Adjustments of email accounts
  • Lost registration code
  • The configuration of your email account
  • Problems related to registration and license
  • Performance related problems
  • Lost or forgotten password
  • Freezing and crashing problems of application

A solution of the errors in Incredimail with technical help

Now, the uses do not have to worry about any of the errors in Incredimail because we are available to provide help to every user with our IncrediMail phone number and you can directly contact us to find instant troubleshoot solution. While looking for the method to fix errors in Incredimail, you can check it below

Crashing problem while trying to send or receive with Windows Live or Hotmail account

A large number of people use the accounts of Windows Live and Hotmail to send and receive emails. If you try to send or receive an email with your Windows Live or Hotmail account in Incredimail, sometimes you may face the crashing problem of this software. If you are searching for a solution for this error, you can try to get help at IncrediMail phone number with us or you can follow the steps given below for it:

  • First of all, try to reconfigure the email account
  • To reconfigure the account, open Incredimail main window > Tools > Email accounts
  • In the option of email accounts, you will find the option of “Add” to add the new email account
  • Click the option of Add and you will be redirected to Account Wizard
  • Add the details of your email account and follow the instructions to complete the configuration
  • After adding the new account, restart the Incredimail application
  • Check if your problem is resolved with this method

If you are not able to fix this error with the method given above, you can contact our technical experts at IncrediMail customer support number and they will fix the error in a proper way for you. We will provide help for the configuration of all the email accounts including Gmail, Hotmail, Windows Live, Yahoo and AOL. After the successful configuration, you will not face the crashing problem while trying to send or receive email.

Fix the error while getting message “Operation Incomplete” in Incredimail

It is also one of the common errors that Incredimail users may face while using this application for sending or receiving the emails. In this case, you may find the error message “Operation incomplete” on the display of your system. This problem can be caused due to the various reasons. It can cause by incorrect recipient email address or when the internet service provider rejects the email due to the large group of recipients. When the inbox of the recipient is full and your message gets rejected. In such case, we will help to fix this error with our IncrediMail customer support number where you can contact anytime. To manually solve this issue, you can follow the steps given below:

  • First of all, you should clear your outbox folder in the application
  • Try to send email to one recipient at one time
  • If you are successful to send email to single recipients, there may have a limit to select the number of recipients with your account
  • Still getting the error? Try to reconfigure your email account with the process given above

It will probably help to fix this error of operation incomplete when you are trying to send email to your contacts by using Incredimail. The users, who are unable to fix the error with the steps given above, will get help for troubleshooting at our IncrediMail customer service number. You can contact us anytime and we will help to solve all these kinds of issues that you are facing in your Incredimail application.

Error messages to send/receive emails because of your ISP

It is possible for the users to face error messages while trying to send or receive emails from Incredimail because of internet service provider. These issues are mostly temporary and you will require a brief knowledge about all these kinds of error messages related to your ISP while using the features to send or receive emails with Incredimail. In the cases of these error messages, you will require help with our IncrediMail customer service number. Here are some of the common error messages due to the problem with ISP

Temporary server issues

There may be problems in your network server sometimes and you should try to wait for some time and try to send or receive the emails again. If you are still facing these errors, you can contact your internet service provider and can ask for help for any kind of trouble with your network or server connection related to your ISP. If you want to know about some of the common server issues, you can check it below:

  • [IN-USE] account is locked by another session or for maintenance try again
  • Unable to lock busy mail drop
  • [IN-USE] user mailbox locked
  • Not our problem Contact ISP
  • SYS/TEMP mailbox locked by server
  • Mail storage services unavailable wait a few minutes and try again
  • The server responded -ERR box locked [INACTIVE]
  • Socket Error 10049 Cannot assign requested address
  • POP not configured
  • Server not responding
  • ERR account is currently inactive

Blocked account

It is also normal for the users to face the problems related to the blocked account. In such cases, you will receive the following messages:

  • Your Internet/Email Service Provider has blocked your account from sending messages, due to an excessive amount of messages. Try again later, or contact your ISP
  • Error 450 4.7.1 Auto blocked due to excessive mail


In the cases of spam or sending lots of messages to the accounts, your internet service provider may Blacklist your IP address. In such cases, you will receive the error messages as given below:

  • Reason: Remote host said: 452 try later
  • Send Error 452 try later

If you need IncrediMail help related to any of such issues, you just need to contact your internet service provider to fix these problems related to your networks.

Errors faced while trying to update Incredimail program

When it comes to finding the latest features and better performance with your Incredimail program, you will need to get the latest version in your computer system. The developers always try to make this email client Better by adding the new interesting features as well as security updates time to time. In such cases, you always want to use the latest version and now you can update your tool by getting IncrediMail help with our technical experts. In some of the common cases, some users can face the problems while trying to update Incredimail to the latest version.

If you are looking to fix the problems that you are facing during the update, you should follow the instructions given below for error-free support in your system:

The user should know that it is not mandatory to uninstall the previous version to get the latest version in computer system.

  • Just visit the official website and check if the advanced version is available of Incredimail
  • Launch Incredimail app and go to Advanced Setting > Update and search for the update
  • Click on the available updated version of Incredimail
  • After that, the user will find dialogue box with message “file downloading: security warning”
  • After completing the download, click on the Run
  • Then you will select the language and click next
  • Follow the instructions and complete the installation process

By using all these steps, the users will be able to update to the latest version of Incredimail in computer system. If you are facing an error, it can be due to any corruptions or damages to the previous file, operating system files over there may be any problem in your network configuration.

In such cases, you will require help with our IncrediMail tech support number because our technical experts can easily resolve all the issues that the users may face while trying to update to the latest version of this program. It will be beneficial if you want to enjoy the latest features of this software by getting the updated version.

Problems to add or remove Gmail account in Incredimail

Are you stuck during the process of adding or removing the Gmail account in your Incredimail? It is another common problem that is faced by a large number of users. Millions of people use Gmail services and if you are using Incredimail to send or receive emails, you may need to add or remove a new or existing account respectively. If you want help related to this process, you just need to get help with IncrediMail tech support number to contact our experts.

When you want to use the manual method for it, you can easily follow the steps given below for it:

  • Just launch the application and go to Main Menu > Tools
  • After that, just click on the option of email configuration accounts
  • Then a popup will appear on your screen and you will go to Properties and click to edit your email account
  • There will be an option to add or remove the desired accounts of Gmail for the users.
  • After making the changes in email accounts, you will close it and launch the Incredimail again

With this simple method, the users can easily make the desired changes by adding or removing the Gmail accounts in Incredimail. If you still have any kind of query related to the process, we are available at Incredimail tech support number where you can contact us to find help with our technical experts anytime.

Password recovery solutions

It is always one of the common problems to forget or lost your account password while using any of the services in computer systems. The users set the passwords very carefully yet there can be a situation of lost password for the user. If you need help in IncrediMail password recovery, we are available as a team of technical experts to help you in the best way at our helpline number.

If you have lost password of your email account like Gmail, Yahoo, Windows Live, Outlook or AOL, you will need to follow the additional process as per your email service provider. You will contact your email service provider for the recovery of your password with the appropriate steps.

In the other cases, if you have created your Incredimail account and you are looking to find a solution for IncrediMail password recovery, we can help you with it. You just need to contact us and try to that our online technical support for a quick solution of this kind of error in your system.

Solution to the errors in registration

To enjoy all the features of your Incredimail, you will need to use the registration code to complete the registration process. Here come many of the errors that users face commonly in Incredimail during the registration process.
There may be various causes when you face these kinds of errors during the process of registration. You will need to follow the different methods to troubleshoot these errors based on various causes.

  • If you face the issue that “code cannot be activated again”, you will need to visit the official website of Incredimail to get the new activation code for renewing your existing activation code.
  • If there is any kind of network or connectivity related issue, you have to verify the working connection of Internet in your computer system. You can configure the internet settings again or can contact ISP for the solution of the issue.
  • When the user gets the message “Invalid registration code. Please make sure that you have entered the product code”, you will need to find you should check if you are making and mistake to enter the God for the registration process.
  • You should also check if your Firewall is creating any kind of error in the registration process. It will be better to in this able the firewall while using registration process for Incredimail.

When the user is unable to find a solution toan error by using any of these methods, we are available as professionals to provide instant help to every user. You just need to find our IncrediMail contact number and call us to get help to fix these kinds of issues in your system.

Performance related issues in Incredimail

The freezing or performance issues can always be a big headache for the users. There may be many of the reasons when you face performance-related problems in Incredimail. It is mainly caused due to corrupted installation file, mistakenly deleted files, problems in Windows operating system, or network related problems in your computer system. The presence of virus, spyware or Malware can also cause the performance related problems in Incredimail.
To find a solution, you should make sure that you have installed it in a proper way from the official website link. You should also check for any mistakenly deleted files in your Windows operating system. You can try to reinstall the Incredimail and restart your computer system to fix this issue. If you are still facing the error, we are available to provide help to every user who is looking for help in such cases. Our technical experts will fix this error for you and you will be able to use the features of Incredimail without any kind of freezing or slow performance problems.

Reasons to contact our technical expert team for troubleshooting of errors

The technical support services are always required whenever you face any kind of error or problem to use any of the features of Incredimail tool. You never want to face inconvenience in your regular work because of such kinds of errors available in any of the software in your computer system. If you required all in one solution for Incredimail tool to fix all kinds of problems and errors, we are available to provide technical support services with the theme of top exports with us.

When it comes to getting rid of every single error in Incredimail, our technical experts are always available to help the users. You just need to use IncrediMail contact number to contact us and we will serve you in the following ways for troubleshooting of every problem in the software:

A team of professional technicians to serve you

Now, you do not have to waste your time to find a reliable and trusted solution to fix any kind of problem or error in Incredimail tool. We are working as a team of top professional and experienced technicians who are able to understand the cause of every error. We have the solution for diagnosis as well as troubleshooting of every single error because of such good experience to offer the technical support to every client. A large number of users trust our services because of the service quality and ability of our technicians. We have a good reputation among all our customers because of dedication and hard work of our team to offer the support services to fix every single issue in Incredimail.

A solution of all errors instantly

There may be various kinds of causes of different problems in Incredimail for the users. In such cases, the users do not want to contact different service providers for the solution of different errors. When it comes to getting rid of every single issue faced in your Incredimail software, you can close your eyes and dialour helpline number. Whether you require help related to the installation, set up, activation or IncrediMail password reset, we will help you in the best way with the proper solution with step by step information.

Because of good qualifications and experience, our team members are able to understand the cause of every single issue that you may face in Incredimail tool in your system. To make these support services better, we have included the top professionals in our team who will solve every single issue that you are facing in your Incredimail.

24/7 available to offer support services

Our technical experts are always available to help you to provide support when you need help to fix any kind of problems like IncrediMail password reset, registration or other problems. Now, the users do not have to wait to find a solution of any kind of error because we are making it quick and reliable for you. We understand that you do not want to face inconvenience or obstacle in your regular work due to such kinds of problems in your email client. To help you in the best way, we are available 24/7 so that you can contact us anytime whenever you face any kind of such problem in your Incredimail tool in a computer system.

Online technical support for every user

No one wants to waste time and efforts to search for reliable and trusted support services for Incredimail. We understand these needs and requirements of every user and we always try to satisfy the clients by offering reliable and trusted support services for this software. It is always better to get online technical support because it is much easier, convenient and quick solution to get rid of any kind of problem in the system. With helpline number, we are also available at our email address and live chat option at our website so you can use any of these methods to contact us to get help.